What is Donate Now?


Donate Now is a mobile platform that seamlessly connects NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) that support underprivileged and mentally ill children with donors who want to support them. The platform allows NGOs to create live campaigns vie the app, that are visible to donors that have registered on the app. Donors can then submit donations to these campaigns, which are then promptly delivered to the NGOs. The process is fast, simple and entirely transparent.


Some Features of the app:

  • Viewing the progress of a campaign

  • Viewing the donors and donations to a campaign

  • Viewing the time remaining for a campaign

  • Editing and managing the details of a campaign, including the target item amounts

  • The ability for donors and NGOs to see each other's portfolios, contact each other and view each other's locations


(The project is currently in a transitioning state, causing the app to be temporarily inactive)