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Hi! My name is Sidharth Ramanan, a senior at Indus International School, and I'm the founder and developer of Donate Now. I created the platform because I was touched by the fact that people all around my city, Bangalore, don't have access to simple items and food, while fortunate people like me have an abundant supply of these items. I designed Donate Now to solve two major problems I observed: accumulation of unused items at home, and scarcity of these items for NGOs supporting underprivileged and mentally-ill people. I wanted Donate Now to be transparent, so that people could see the impact of their generosity and validate their donations, and simple, to reduce the inertia involved when it comes to donating. I'm glad to have taken on this project and have become a responsible citizen for my city, and I plan to continue supporting NGOs via my app and making an even more meaningful impact to these people.

I built the app using the Ionic framework, developing both the client and server code. I'm well versed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS, Cordova, Ionic, Node JS and MongoDB and developed the code for the app in a couple of months. I partnered with a designer named Amrith Srinivasan, who created the visual screens and graphic assets for the app.

You can reach me at: sidharthramanan@gmail.com